Design for the Real World


18 November 2020

The exhibition ‘Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design’ is about the ideas and work of the visionary designer, critic and activist Victor Papanek (1923-1998). His famous book “Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change” (1971) represents a radical vision of design in which sustainability and social justice are more important than consumption and commerce.

But how are we doing half a century later? Are contemporary designers still (or again) working on these themes? In this series of videos, designers respond to quotes from Victor Papanek to find out whether his ideas are still relevant.

In this first episode you meet Tessa and Rolf, the initiators of Minitopia. They help create innovative, sustainable residential locations, in which there is plenty of room for solidarity and togetherness. These homes are often compact, durable, flexible, ready-made or modular. How do they relate to the ideas of Victor Papanek?

Thanks to Smart Media Productions for the making of this series.