GOTH - Designing Darkness

A gothly afternoon, with Catherine Spooner

25 February 2022

Goth is widespread in our contemporary culture. On February 12, assistant curator Tomas van den Heuvel spoke on behalf of the museum with leading academic and goth expert Catherine Spooner about what exactly goth is. How is this enchanting world formed? Why is goth so popular and what do its contemporary manifestations mean? Why is it that almost every one of us recognizes and is touched by this dark and morbid aesthetic?

Professor Catherine Spooner, University of Lancaster, argues in her work that goth self-consciously reinvents itself through familiar images, narrative structures and echoes of the past. There is no original, no manual in goth, it was always an endless series of revivals

Tomas van den Heuvel, assistant curator of the exhibition GOTH – Designing Darkness will talk to Catherine Spooner. She will talk about her research and the books she has written. Tomas will show a number of works from the exhibition to which Catherine will respond.