Mapping Modernity

1. Atlanta Karte

23 October 2023

Germany divided and occupied

The capitulation of Greater Germany brought about Allied occupation, extending its influence to Austria as well. In the aftermath of WW2, both countries, along with their respective capitals, are divided into zones of control under Soviet, American, British, and French rule. Germany ceases to govern itself to the extent that even publishing a postal code map required official permission. These early developments mark the early stages of the Cold War and the forthcoming division between West and East Germany. Of greater significance for the German population was the fact that all territory east of the Oder-Neisse Line fell under the control of Poland and the Soviet Union.

Atlanta-Service, Atlanta Karte der Besatzungs-zonen mit neuen Postleitgebieten, Frankfurt am Main (1947). Coll. S/T W.1c.218, 55 x 39 cm.