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On display until — 25 August 2024

Dance – the design of a culture

Electronic dance music is the sound of emancipation. Black and LGBTQ+ communities created a musical genre that enabled them to express themselves freely. That music has since gone mainstream, becoming a multi-billion-dollar industry. Design features centrally in the development of electronic dance music. Take the equipment used to make the music, from the first experiments…

Still on display until — 23 June 2024

Men, women and their appliances

For decades now, our homes have been the stage for all manner of social transformations. Vacuum cleaners and washing machines eased the burden of housework, refrigerators, cookers and mixers changed the way we eat, and radio and television became new housemates. Especially from the 1960s onwards, this made our food more versatile and tasty, laundry…

Still on display until — 23 June 2024

Loan Favan – TANEM FIUJA

Loan Favan was commissioned by Design Museum Den Bosch to create TANEM FIUJA, a series of jewellery and ornaments in which she speculates about the future of humanity.

On display until — 3 November 2024

Chair, lamp, vase and… teapot?

This presentation features a selection of teapots from the Design Museum Den Bosch collection. We are showing designs by artists like Kazimir Malevich and Cindy Sherman, colourful teapots by designers from the Memphis Group, and expressive, sculptural ‘teapots’ by American artists such as Robert Arneson and Adrian Saxe. Our extensive collection of household ware by…

On display until — 29 September 2024

Does it do anything for me?

Design Museum Den Bosch is showing a selection this summer from the extensive body of jewellery created by Hans Appenzeller (74), who has been active as a designer for over 54 years.

On display until — 1 April 2025


Our permanent Design! presentation can be found on the ground floor of Design Museum Den Bosch. Its 14 themes draw you into the world of design.