Mapping Modernity

13. Positioning of forces

31 October 2023

Threatening nuclear attack on Western Europe

This Polish-language training map for a large-scale attack from the east was made public in 2005 from a Polish state archive. The plan of attack involves throwing ‘tactical’ nuclear bombs at Western Europe, but not at the nuclear powers UK and France. Called ‘tactical’, those bombs are up to three times more powerful than those dropped on Japan in 1945. Western counterattacks are pencilled in, including with neutron bombs. Despite the five atomic bombs on the Netherlands, it takes into account supplies of NATO troops and material via Dutch and Belgian ports. It is only a detailed map for an imaginary offensive, but a war of conquest with nuclear weapons in Western Europe is apparently conceivable. Whether the Warsaw Pact could actually carry out such an attack is highly questionable.

(Unknown), Położenie stron na ZTW 0 20.00 D18 20.00 25.5 Załącznik do załoźenia nr2 (Positioning of forces in scenario 2), (Warszawa 1979). 74 x 87 cm.