30 June 2018 — 28 October 2018

Food is Fiction

Delicious images, tasty stories; food seduces us. Not just by its taste, also its design defines how desireable something is. Food is Fiction make the influence of design in the food industry tangible with many old and new designs.


Skylab Tray (1973-75)


Food is fiction is a design exhibition about our food. It shows how presentation of food influences our choices, how we are seduced by packaging, names and stories. And how the divide between production and consumption disappears as we start believing in what we see and hear


Is fiction

The exhibition Food is fiction draws on a wealth of designs to provide insight into the role of design for the food industry. It shows the importance of presentation and narrative: from the oldest commercials, iconic packaging for Droste and the first exotic products to culinary science fiction in Star Trek, hand-crafted imitation food from Japan, and the art of the food blog.