Mapping Modernity

6. Фразьі и… Базьі (frases en bases)

23 October 2023

Satire as a weapon of propaganda

While US radio broadcasts messages about world peace , defence, and disarmament (where ‘Мир/Mir’ signifies both ‘world’ and ‘peace’), the United States military is actively establishing military bases across Europe. The contrast between eloquent words and concrete actions did not go unnoticed by the Soviet Union in 1952, just before Stalin’s death.

The radio man is also armed, the military has plenty of money and food (grain) is also a weapon.

Полиграфкомбинат г. Калинии (Kalinin's polygraph factory), В. Говорков, Фразьі и... Базьі (phrases and bases): Мир Оборона Разоруженне (world peace, disarmament), Kalinin 1952. Coll. S/T W.2h.95, 10.5 x 15 cm.