Radical Austria | Everything is Architecture

Virtual Expedition

8 June 2021

On Monday April 12th, the virtual expedition in the exhibition Radical Austria – Everything is Architecture was organized by curator Bart Lootsma and design journalist Jeroen Junte. Discover the mind-expanding, groundbreaking and socially critical works of the Austrian avant-garde of the 1960s and 1970s.

See the highlights from the exhibition; from psychedelic inflatable buildings to shocking performances and from cultic cities to cybernetic fashion. Bart and Jeroen will guide you through the exhibition and will engage in conversation with experts and fans of this period in art and design history in various places.

Jeroen Junte works as a design journalist for de Volkskrant, Elle Decoration and Architectuur NL, and regularly publishes in international magazines such as Frame and DAMN. In addition, he writes books; his most recent publication Design Nederland Must: See shop drink sleep walk is the first design and architecture guide in the Netherlands.

Bart Lootsma is a historian, critic and curator in the fields of architecture, design and visual arts. He is a professor of architectural theory at the University of Innsbruck and has edited several publications such as Forum, ARCHIS, de Architect and GAM. He worked as a (guest) curator on ArchiLab 2004 in Orléans and the Montenegrin pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2016. His book Superdutch (2000) is still leading in thinking about turn-of-the-century Dutch architecture.

Other speakers at this event are Alexa Baumgartner (assistant curator Radical Austria) Timo de Rijk (director Design Museum Den Bosch) and Tomas van den Heuvel (junior curator Design Museum Den Bosch).