On display until — 26 February 2023

Screenwear – Exploring Digital Fashion

Digital fashion has long since ceased to be science fiction. Fashion created from pixels instead of textiles is almost imperceptibly part of everyday life for many people. Slowly we are moving toward the metaverse: the future virtual world of the Internet in which our physical environment will merge with the digital one. Discover the newest generation of fashion designers and meet face to face with hyper-realistic digital models.

Still on display until — 12 February 2023

Process – Design Drawings from the Rijksmuseum

This pioneering exhibition is an opportunity to discover a collection of extraordinary design drawings from the Rijksmuseum. The drawings, which date from the period 1500–1900, have been brought together for the first time and are arranged according to the successive stages of the design process.

On display until — 12 March 2023

A Digital Nature

The Young Design Team is proud to present A Digital Nature – DEMO at the Design Museum Den Bosch. The presentation shows a selection of animations themed around digital nature: wondrous underwater worlds, alien plants and dream landscapes with digital flowers. They are enticing images that also force you to think: have we entered an… View Article

On display until — 26 February 2023

Artificial Awe

Frank Kolkman designs at the intersection of technology and the human body. The work Artificial Awe is an attempt to visualise sublime experiences and make them generally accessible using artificial intelligence.

On display from 4 March 2023 until 3 September 2023

Faster, better, more beautiful – the design of progress

Design, art, nature and technology blend into a single whirlwind experience at this grandly conceived family exhibition. Discover the fascination with speed, follow the hunt for the millisecond and experience the heyday of streamlined design.