On display until — 3 March 2024

Mapping Modernity

Mapping Modernity is an exhibition that tells the story of our world in 250 maps. Every map offers a glimpse into the mindset of those who commissioned it and the ways in which they sought to mould the world to suit them.

On display until — 18 February 2024

Love, Designed

Love, Designed shows you how design guides the way we both seek and consume love. You’ll also meet the designers who speculate about alternatives to love’s many clichés. In short, the exhibition will open your eyes to how our image of love has been designed.

On display until — 18 February 2024

Loan Favan – TANEM FIUJA

Loan Favan was commissioned by Design Museum Den Bosch to create TANEM FIUJA, a series of jewellery and ornaments in which she speculates about the future of humanity.

On display until — 18 February 2024

Does it do anything for me?

Design Museum Den Bosch is showing a selection this summer from the extensive body of jewellery created by Hans Appenzeller (74), who has been active as a designer for over 54 years.

On display until — 1 April 2024


Our permanent Design! presentation can be found on the ground floor of Design Museum Den Bosch. Its 14 themes draw you into the world of design.

On display until — 31 December 2023

Sigrid Calon – Everyday Tools

In the ceramics closet on the second floor of the museum, we present the recent acquisition of ‘Everyday Tools’ by Sigrid Calon.