15 October 2022 — 26 February 2023

Screenwear – Exploring Digital Fashion

Digital fashion has long since ceased to be science fiction. Fashion created from pixels instead of textiles is almost imperceptibly part of everyday life for many people. Slowly we are moving toward the metaverse: the future virtual world of the Internet in which our physical environment will merge with the digital one. For the necessary digital closet, there is already a wide range: from comfortable hoodies you buy as NFT to designs that go beyond the laws of nature for your social media. Not to mention collectibles from prominent fashion houses for your favorite game.

From October 15 you can immerse yourself in this digital world at the exhibition Screenwear – Exploring Digital Fashion. Discover the newest generation of fashion designers, meet face to face with hyper-realistic digital models and try the latest digital fashion for your social media yourself. But above all, get answers to all your questions about digital fashion. What exactly is it and how do you wear it? Who are shaping digital fashion? What do these developments mean for the fashion industry and society? Will we all soon be buying digital clothes? And do we actually want to…?

Image: Atokirina coat and Mandrake bodysuit by Auroboros (@auro.boros). Model: @tsunaina en @go__see. Editors: @adem.elahel@emma_in_a_gif en @to.mu.lab.