The Third Floor

GOTH - Designing Darkness

Welcome to the Third Floor at the GOTH – Designing Darkness exhibition. GOTH – Designing Darkness is not only an exploration of the subculture, but also of ‘goth’ as ​​a recurring phenomenon in culture, art and design. On this page you will find, among other things, a podcast series in which curators, artists and goths have their say, various videos, tips for watching, reading and listening, in-depth articles and registrations of the lectures and debates give you the opportunity to delve even deeper into the contents of the exhibition.

The exhibition was on view in the museum from October 18 2021 to April 18 2023.


Zó Post­human (3): Monstrous humans and human monsters

Afgerukte ledematen, ontbindende lijken en afstotelijke monsters. Net als in het posthumanisme staat in gothic het lichaam centraal. Toevallig? Volgens curator Tomas van den Heuvel niet.


A gothly afternoon, with Catherine Spooner

Goth is widespread in our contemporary culture. How is this enchanting world formed? Why is goth so popular? How come almost every one of us recognizes something of ourselves through this dark and morbid aesthetic?


Virtual expedition: ‘Asking the gothic questions’

How come the goth subculture keeps popping up? Under what circumstances did this subculture arise, and what will goth look like in the future? This livestream answers all these questions and more.


Identity and community

From the exposition: goth is a battleground for the great issues of identity, individual and community. Now, and already in the nineteenth century.


The dark mirror of the soul

From the exhibition: a sublime nature in this sense features prominently in the Gothic tradition, not only as a setting for elusive mysteries or unspeakable secrets, but also as a protagonist in its own right.


An invented past

From the exhibition: in the Gothic tradition, historyis exaggerated, twisted or straightforwardly invented. The past on which Goth is based is an intoxicating mixture of fantasy and reality.


Atmosphere over form

From the exhibition: The Goth tradition allows you to mix imagery, symbols and styles to your heart’s content. The result is an emphatic atmosphere, which stimulates the imagination and creates darkness. Goth isn’t a style in the traditional sense but a feeling.


The theatre of authenticity

From the exhibition: Goth eagerly pursues a sense of authenticity and is not afraid to evoke it artificially.


Dark technology

From the exhibition: new technologies help to visualize the dark sense of life in constantly changing ways, although it is frequently the shortcomings of such technology – scratches on the film or fading of the photograph – that give a ‘Gothic feel’ to an image.


The haunted city

From the exhibition: the threatening, imper­so­nal and all-consuming metropolis shaped the Gothic imagination of this un­certain pe­riod. It is a form of the Gothic where fear of the future becomes entangled with the dread of the past.


Alternatieve stereotypes

From the exhibition: the Goth subculture experiments like no other with gender, sexuality and style, finding new meanings for old stereotypes through endless combinations.