GOTH - Designing Darkness

Virtual expedition: ‘Asking the gothic questions’

25 February 2022

On Friday 11 February, the virtual expedition of the exhibition GOTH – Designing Darkness took place. You can see the highlights of the exhibition: the photos from the legendary club The Batcave, the ceramics by Carolein Smit, the 19th-century griffin by Emmanuel Frémiet and the dystopian model by Pieter Leon Vermeersch. Assistant curator Tomas van den Heuvel will explain the exhibition and these works. You can also listen to interesting conversations about the themes of the exhibition.

Guests include:

Catherine Spooner, one of the most important gothic connoisseurs in the world. She is a Lancaster University author and author of the books Contemporary Gothic and Post-Millenial Gothic: Comedy, Romance and the Rise of Happy Gothic.

Lisa der Weduwe, on behalf of the Museum of Youth Culture London, where an enormous collection of photographic material and knowledge of British goths has been collected.

Dani Ashes, aka The Count, host of the largest goth podcast Cemetery Confessions and founder of The Belfry Network, a media company that brings together all the different facets of goth.

The evening will be hosted by Ama van Dantzig, co-founder of Dr Monk.

During the evening we will answer various questions. How come the goth subculture keeps popping up or maybe never even gone away? Under what circumstances did this subculture emerge in the 80s music scene? What are the historical roots of the Gothic fascination in the 18th and 19th centuries and how did they influence the goth subculture? Goth is seen as a safe haven for individual expression and creativity but it is also about belonging to a community and feeling free within it. Yet there are also rules of codes and maybe even hierarchy. And finally, can we predict the future of goth, how does goth relate to the big questions of our time?