8 maart 2023 20.00 uur

SAVED #2: Shayli Harrison

Lezing en artist talk — Screenwear – Exploring Digital Fashion

Dit is een Engelstalig evenement.

How do young designers find their inspiration online? How has their favourite meme inspired their latest work? To what image can they always return when they are stuck in a creative rut? In short: What can their ‘Saved’ folder tell us about them as a creative?

In the series SAVED we talk with designers about their inspirations, sources and references. The interview is structured as a deep dive through the sources of inspiration that designers have collected over time in their saved folders on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr. We will go from memes to music videos, and from movie trailers to random pictures. These will be the starting point for a conversation about their design practice, style and working methods.

Following a sold-out first edition with Ada Sokół we are excited to host Shayli Harrison for the second edition. Since graduating from the prestigious fashion course at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in 2018 Shayli has co-founded Mutani, which is currently part of our exhibition Screenwear. Mutani is a digital design platform which aims to be the premier source for the most far-out fashion in the cyber-scene. The game-ready assets Mutani develops are listed on specialised blockchain platforms with the profits equitably distributed amongst their contributors. Mutani brings together the most radical fashion designers and digital creators of our time to have them collaborate on digital fashion that galvanises players to explore raw acts of self-expression in games and the metaverse.

20:00-20:30    Walk in with drinks
20:30-21:30    Conversation between Shayli Harrison and Jim van Geel (Curator Public Programme Young Design)
21:30-22:00    Drinks

This programme is free. Capacity is limited, to make sure you will able to attend please register through this link. Curious about Shayli and cannot wait till the 15th? Have a look at this and this interview with Shayli or read up on Mutani here.

Young Design
SAVED is organized as a part of the Young Design programme. This department of the museum develops exhibitions and public programmes for a young and diverse audience. The focus is on young design makers, young design users and contemporary society.