18 oktober 2023 20.00 — 22.00 uur

SAVED #6: Kouros Maghsoudi

Lezing en artist talk

Dit is een Engelstalig evenement/This is an English-speaking event.

Where do you, as a young designer or artist, find inspiration online? How do your references consciously and unconsciously manifest themselves in your practice as a young designer or artist? How can your favourite meme inspire your work? In the season opening of SAVED season 2 multidisciplinary artist and an designer Kouros Maghsoudi will share his sources and working methods.

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Photo below by James Emmerman

Kouros Maghsoudi (1995) is a New York-based designer, who debuted with his own furniture collection called Mehmooni, which means “gathering” or “party” in Farsi, for NYC Design Week 2021. The objects were inspired by his Persian roots, but have playful postmodern motifs that encourage people to explore their indulgent side. As a multidisciplinary artist and designer, Kouros’s approach is steeped in an investigation of future cultures, gathering cues from nightlife, hedonism and metropolitanism. Kouros’ hedonistic fantasy is unapologetically tinged with sex, liberation, opulence, and self-indulgence. He cites Sam Stewart, Bottega Veneta, Gae Aulenti, Joe Colombo, Mario Botta, and the Radical Design Movement in Italy as references. He has a degree in sustainability with minors in architecture and urban design.

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20:00-20:30 Walk in with drinks (included)
20:30-21:30 Conversation between Kouros Maghsoudi and Lydia van der Made (Design Museum Den Bosch)
21:30-22:00 Drinks (included)

In SAVED we talk with young designers about their inspirations, sources and references. The interview is structured as a deep dive through the sources of inspiration that designers have collected over time in their saved folders on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr. We will go from memes to music videos, and from movie trailers to random pictures. These will be the starting point for a conversation about their design practice, style and working methods. In short: What can their ‘Saved’ folder tell us about them as a creative?

Young Design
SAVED is organized as a part of the Young Design programme. This department of the museum develops exhibitions and public programmes for a young and diverse audience. The focus is on young design makers, young design users and contemporary society.